Do you know that hormonal imbalances are common among women – and that it can cause a variety of problems?

It can cause health problems including endometriosis, PCOS, osteoporosis, thyroid problems, PMS, menstrual cramps, miscarriage, morning sickness, hot flashes, anxiety, cyclic migraine headaches, dry eyes and mucous membranes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, breast, cervical and ovarian cancer.

My name is Marianne Arnström and when I came across Dr John Lee and his research ten years ago, I was so touched by what I read, heard and saw I realised that this knowledge was a “missing link” to the information that already existed around me.The more I looked into the subject the more convinced I became that this realization must be forwarded to others. My desire is that through my courses I spread this important knowledge. I turn to you who yearn to educate yourself about your own health.

I offer my seminars to networks of women, as well as to companies who are smart enough to invest in the health of their staff, in places where you choose to gather. You will receive further training through my mailings and you can contact me with personal questions when you have taken the course.

When you are participating in one of my courses you will learn clearly and in easily understandable ways, among other things …

  • … why hormonal imbalance cause so many problems.
  • … why we hear so little about it in the media.
  • … the natural options available to help the body to restore their hormonal balance.
  • … how the pill affects us.
  • … what the serious consequences can be if you take the vaccine Gardasil.
  • … and more.

Midwives Helena and Helena in Stockholm wrote this about their involvement with my informational course:

“Marianne Arnström has come to Stockholm several times and kept a very, very interesting and important course of our important hormones. A course with the knowledge that all women should understand and learn !! We who listened was a mix of women of different ages and occupations and after the course, many people wanted to listen again and share this knowledge with their sisters. Therefore, now Marianne is back with us, and do you want to do something really nice for your own sake so come and listen and be surprised that you can actually do so much for your own “women”health in such a simple way … We are now inviting you to a seminar evening that is very important – both for ourselves and also so we can pass the knowledge on to our daughters, friends, patients, clients, moms, students,yes all the women we meet and the also to the men for that matter! ”

Helena Maass and Helena Nash, midwives