A thousand thousand thanks again! I feel like I understand my problem for the first time! I was so happy that I called my mom in the U.S. to tell her everything. Look forward to having you back in Gothenburg …..

Thanks for a very exciting evening last Wednesday. Lot to absorb. You are a wonderful woman, inspiring and it was incredibly rewarding evening to attend ..…..

Thank you very much for a memorable evening! I’ve talked to most of my colleagues who I attended the seminar with. We are now up and running and test what we were taught …

I am deeply grateful that I got the email where we were invited to my husband’s job last night, because I am 100% convinced that this, ultimately, will change my and my family’s life for the better! Some things I knew already but it was great with theconfirmation that I’m on the right track. Great! And I am grateful that you travel around with this incredibly important message !

Hello! Thanks for the email about Gardasil. I forwarded it directely this my grandchild´s mother. Got a big thank you back and they will not vaccinate my granddaughter ..

Strange…. I get up in the morning, just a few days after I started progesterone and feel like I imagine how I would feel … Great, in other words … Is it my imagination, or??

The main thing is that we now FINALLY are about to become parents. So you can probably add a child to the list of children you are “mom” to

Thanks Marianne for the treasure I received!

You were so instructive and said things as simple though the stuff was so complicated!

Thanks for all the exciting emails we received after the course … I promise that I’ll get a nice cover to them …

Thank you for a fantastic lecture. Good thing we got a compendium that we can go back to …

I have reduced my tyroxine medication thanks to the cream ……

My hot flashes disappeared so have my gallstone problems that were due to spasm of the biliary tract which I had for 8 years, I sleep better, feel happier, the extra heart beats also disappeared and my night vision is better …….

My family thanks you for that they have regained a nice mom the whole month

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I am so satisfied to share everything with clients, students, and friends …

We also use the cream you learned on your hormone cours and it hashelped a lot. Among other things, my elderly mother had fallen twice without injury.

Then I want to thank you for your work! You make it easier for us, who are already working with various health work, it would take very much time to read all that you share. It spreads like ripples in the water, increasing new insights for so many.

I have never had so many insights during one day earlier .. even though I’ve done quite a lot of research myself. Invaluable information! Marianne thousans thanks ..

You were super talented, very educational and engaging, great! I was on the Earth Radiation seminar in Stockholm

… After your lecture, many puzzle pieces fell into place and I got a deeper understanding .. thanks

…… Thanks for a fantastic day of the course in Båraryd. It gave so much. Much more than I can understand.Thanks for putting such enormous amount of work together . Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, we had fun. Humor is good pedagogy ….